Women of Zimbabwe Arise(WOZA)

Facebook: woza.zimbabwe

Website: www.wozazimbabwe.org

Supported by Amnesty International, Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) is a civic movement in Zimbabwe which was formed in 2003 by Jenni Williams. Its aims and objectives are to:


  • Provide women, from all walks of life, with a united voice to speak out on issues affecting their day-to-day lives.
  • Empower female leadership that will lead community involvement in pressing for solutions to the Zimbabwe economic and political crisis.
  • Encourage women to stand up for their rights and freedoms.
  • Lobby and advocate on those issues affecting women and their families.


While it is predominantly driven by women, WOZA’s work is very inclusive and ground-breaking, in how it is run. The movement includes people of every age, gender, ability, social status, and economic background, and has a growing chapter of male members in their male chapter, Men of Zimbabwe Arise (MOZA).


Today WOZA boasts over 75 000 male and female members across Zimbabwe. Mainly, though, it provides a safe space for Zimbabwean women to come together and speak on issues affecting their daily lives. Ultimately, the movement aims to “empower female leadership” in communities and “encourage women to stand up for their rights and freedoms”. Since its founding, WOZA has participated in hundreds of protests, released several successful campaigns advocating for equality and education in Zimbabwe, and has been a part of international demonstrations, which includes their Valentine’s Day march. Each year, WOZA’s Valentine’s Day demonstration has a different theme which seeks to promote general peace by advocating for people’s rights