Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association(ZWLA)

Contact Person: Abigail Matsvai

Physical Address: 17 Fife Avenue, Harare

Phone or mobile number: +263 (0) 772 381 495

Email address: director@zwla.co.zw

Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association is a non-profit making organization, which strives to create a just world free from injustice and inequality. In its mission to defend and dialogue on women and children’s rights, Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association seeks to provide legal aid and education to millions of women and communities, lobby and advocate communities, institutions, government and policymakers to be sensitive to women and children’s rights as well as raise awareness on matters of its interest.

Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association champions the rights of women and children by providing free legal aid and working towards creating frameworks that allow for an environment where women and children’s rights are enjoyed and protected. Through legal education and advocacy, ZWLA empowers women to lead social change and be able to articulate, demand and enjoy their rights.

The grassroots development experience with women in communities shapes the organisation’s global advocacy agenda. ZWLA is inspired by principles of truth, accountability and a commitment to the creation of a society that promotes and protects women’s human rights. ZWLA affirms that women’s human rights are universal, indivisible and can only be enjoyed in an enabling environment.



Justice and equality for all



To develop, defend and pursue women’s human rights at local, regional and international level through lobbying and advocacy, provision of legal aid services, legal education, professional and capacity development for the primary benefit of women as well as children and membership.